Management of pregnant patients in the emergency department

Management of pregnant patients in the emergency department

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5.Evaluation of the Emergency Preparedness Management Plan: The plan shall be evaluated continuously to assure it meets the Emergency Department, Safety, Risk Management, and Performance Improvement needs of the institution. At minimum, the Emergency Preparedness Management Plan shall be reviewed annually.

the acute treatment of VTE in patients without cancer patients.3 Little, if any, data is available to assess physician prac-tices pertaining to the use of DOACs for the acute management of VTE for patients discharged directly from the Emergency Department (ED). Moreover, it is not known if practices are similar between urban cities and rural sites.

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The emergency department experience of patients with early pregnancy complications: A qualitative study - Volume 21 Issue 6 - Vanessa Rojas-Luengas, Bianca Seaton, Katie Dainty, Shelley McLeod, Catherine Varner

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Purpose. As an emergency response, this guideline was produced to assist Emergency Department (ED) clinicians during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic with the assessment and management of suspected COVID-19 patients (adults).

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